The Coolest Small Tattoo Designs Marked On Celebrities

A tattoo doesn’t mean full sleeves or huge area of the body is covered with tattoo artwork, small and cool tattoo artwork might be inconspicuous and graceful. This miniature artwork proves that small tattoos have big meanings and a huge influence on wearer style. Infect our favorite celebrities are choosing slightly smaller and cool tattoo options that feel more like delicate ornaments than a major statement. For example, Miley Cyrus got a mini vegemite tattoo for her body artwork, Zayn Malik got a light saber on his middle finger and Kendall, Hailey Baldwin and Jenner got matching designs as a symbol of their friendship.  So if you inspired with any celebrity tattoo design, you can go anywhere in London tattoo shops for tattooing, for your favorite celebrity’s body artwork.

Now a lot of our favorite stars have been ahead of the smallest tattoo trend for years. Below you can see some of our favorite’s celebrity’s tiny tattoo designs, sometimes great things can come in a small package if you want the cool tiny tattoo on your body, here you can find a beautiful tattoo idea for you.

Kristen Stewart:

Kristen got her tattoo while she was on a road trip with her three friends, the infinity symbol tattoo on her palm looks like a friendship bracelet that can be symbolized with their endless friendship. Tattoo London salons and shops give you quality services for that type of tattooing.

Lea Michele:

Lea Michele got a tattoo in honor of her late boyfriend, her boyfriend Cory Monteith was a football player. Digit “5” was Cory’s football number on Glee. Lea Michele had a “5” placed on her ribcage.

Miley Cyrus:

Miley Cyrus got a beautiful tiny tattoo on her hand to make even the quirkiest tattoos chic, the strange or alien, triangle, and an eye shape on her fingers are some of a few favorite tattoo designs of her.

Maisie William and Sophie Turner:

Maisie William and Sophie Turner got teeny tattoos on their arms of the date 7 August 2009, which is the day they found out for the cast on the series. Sophie joked about it on the Emmys red carpet “We don’t know if we’re going to make it, so we were like, ‘Let’s get these ones before anyone kills us,’”

Nicole Richie:

Nicole Richie loves symbolic tattoo designs. She got a rosary beads tattoo on her ankles and also has a tattoo like the cross, shooting star and angel wings on her body. Barrylouvaine tattoo London have very efficient and expert tattoo artist for your favorite tattoo artwork, which you want to copy from your favorite artist or TV stars.

Justin Bieber:

He is no stronger to a tattoo parlor with having a tiny black dot on his face, and a simple and cool art “patience” tattoo on his neck.

Selena Gomez:

Selena Gomez tattoos are genius and so iconic. We come to know that through her Instagram that each and every tattoo are very important and mean so much to her. She got a tattoo on her back in Arabic which means “love yourself first”.

Demi Lovato:

Demi Lovato is no stranger for tattoo and body artwork, she got inked with the tiny tattoo “ME” on her finger which is all about self-love. She revealed it on Instagram and wrote a caption in which she said thanks to winter stone for her new first forever reminder. And revealed about an adorable smiley placed on the tip of her pinkie is for “life is too short not to tattoo your pinky 😂”.

Shay Mitchell:

Shay Mitchell got a tiny tattoo in roman numerals for One, Four and Three, the number of letters in each word typically stands for “I LOVE YOU”. It’s a general perception Shay hasn’t exposed their meaning yet.

Lucy Hale:

Lucy Hale got a tattoo of “lightbulb”, it reflects the concept of a “bright idea” and can be resembled with many positive things like “mental energy” and “human thinking process”. London tattoo shops have a specialist for that type of artwork where you can get your favorite artist’s tattoo design.

Ashley Benson:

Ashley Benson got a tiny and cool tattoo with a clean-lined star on her inner wrist. A star tattoo symbolizes with good luck, guidance, protection, and reminder for creating one’s own path.

Adwoa Aboah:

Adwoa Aboah’s small wrist tattoos are just as expressive as they are delicate. According to her Instagram account, she got inked for, ‘All the women. In me. Are tired,’ is represent the unity for those women and young girls who feel isolated.

Cara Delevigne:

Cara Devevigne got a snake tattoo design that slithers down her hand from the edge of her palm to her middle finger, that thin and wonderful delicate snake tattoo start with the word “Feral” on her palm and at the end of the snake tail. Delevigne told about its quiet and special meaning that “it’s symbolized with reinvention, shedding, and peeling of old skin, new beginnings, new life.”

Simone Biles:

Simone Biles get inked with a simple black and white illustration of the Olympic rings, she was smiled when she revealed her tattoo. It’s an excellent first ink choice as how many medals Biles brought home from the summer Olympics. You can get that beautiful artwork from London tattoo shops anywhere on your body like on your wrist, ankle, arm or shoulder.

Hailey Baldwin:

Hailey Baldwin loves to get a tattoo with her for people she loves, she got a tattoo “PRAY” on her coordinating fingers, which spell out “PRAY” when Hailey’s hand are clasped together in prayer. And roman numerals of her parent’s wedding date on her wrist. Hailey Baldwin delicate small alphabet “g” tattoo at behind her ear is particularly adorable, and a “Baldwin” tattoo on the middle finger, is a share matching tattoo with her model cousin Ireland Baldwin.

Kelly Osbourne:

Kelly Osbourne’s tattoo “Solidarity” on her scalp has a powerful meaning, due to sad events in Orlando, she said in Instagram and share photos with the caption, “Solidarity” the noun is Unity of feeling of individuals with a common interest.’ Individually, we have human rights and unique gifts. We have the strength and powerful harmony when together. She wanted to get this tattoo for a long time. She said tragedy in Orlando shattered her and reminded her that every moment and every human of our lives is valuable. She also has a twin version on her head of the other side that says ‘stories.’


Tattooing is a beautiful way of expression, in which you can express your love, devotion, harmony and inner thoughts for someone special. London tattoo shops are famous for any kind of tattoo artwork and their expert artists also help you in choosing a meaningful and graceful tattoo design for your body.

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