Fun Types of Lip Piercing

Are you looking for lip piercing types for Your Lips? Then its the right place for your guide and everything you need to know. A lip piercing is a fun type and popular kind of body piercing London, that enters the lips or the area nearby the lips, you can do lip piercing in a variety of ways. It is a beautiful way to enhance your face beauty. If you really want to do your lip piercing, The first you need to understand what is it, how many types of lip piercing, and how it is done?

The word piercing can refer to an opening or cutting in the body to decorate it with jewelry. Piercing the body is another form of body modification in the modern world. This is the procedure of puncturing or cutting a part of the body to insertion of jewelry that may be worn, wherever the customer wanted on their bodies. It is a very famous practice to piercing implants’ alteration of body or skin profile and facial appearance.

Piercing Procedure

In this procedure, mostly the piercer installed golden thread, titanium, platinum subdermal, or medical-grade steel implants to change physical appearance. Some crazy people are practice extreme level piercing bodies with Guinness bestowing World records.

Many people are like piercing due to religious and spiritual reasons, and some other pierce for self-expression, sexual pleasure, and some other cultural reasons. Piercing bodies is a painful procedure and mostly youth are involves in pricing their bodies. Therefore, pricing is restricted by schools working place and religious groups. A great piercer has a great practice to cut or pierce the part of the body which type of piercing are client wants. Very popular piercing London studio is providing different types of piercing of body like nose piercing, lip piercing, and eyebrow piercing. Dimple piercing, and many others.

Lip piercing is a very famous practice in youth; it always had religious significance across different cultures since as long as history records. Lip piercing is a common practice in youth in any part of the world. It reflects the individual style of senses. It is the least painful procedure of piercing any part of the body. There is a variety of lip piercing or the area surrounding the lip, as the facial or oral type of piercing.

Types of lip piercing:

Here are the different types of lip piercing given below

  • Labret (centered of the lower lip)
  • Labret (vertical of lips)
  • Monroe (upper lip left)
  • Madonna (upper lip right)
  • Medusa (top center of the lip)
  • Dahlia (both sides of lips)
  • Angel bites (on both side of the upper lip)
  • Snake bites (left and right side of lip)
  • Spider bites (bottom of the lip)

Labret (centered of the lower lip)

Labret piercing is like lip piercing however; it is slightly lower the end of the lip. The labret piercing is done under the lip just above the chin area. The position of labret piercing can change as per the requirement of clients. Here the piercing London has done a great job in the labret piercing style, which is most wanted in the young generation. Labret piercing is the horizontal piercing under the centered of lower lips.

Labret (vertical of lips)

Piecing of the vertical lip is very common and popular in the Piecing of the body.  The unique style of lip piercing is vertical because it does not touch the inside of the mouth. It is saves pricing because the jewelry will not scrap the teeth and gums as other lip piercings do. The lip piercing consists of the two punctures go through lip and exit below the lip where the lip piercing would be placed.

Monroe (upper lip left)

This type of lip piercing is name as “Marilyn Monroe”, it is placed on the off-centered, right side of the lip left-hand side, and top of the upper lip. It resembles the beauty of Marilyn Monroe. It is a very common and attractive lip piercing styling in girls. This type of lip piercing fitted with 14, 16, 18 gauges’ labret while the using of these types of bars can reduce after healing.

Madonna (upper lip right)

Lip Piercing london

Madonna lip piercing is the sign of beauty as the mole on the skin or marks. The wearing of jewelry increase the beauty of the face. The Madonna lip piercing is placed on the upper lip, off-centered and on the right side. Piercing London is offering jewelry and aftercare products too. Only the difference between the Madonna and Monroe piercing is the placement of the piercing on the side of the face where the labrets placed.

Medusa (top center of the lip)

Medusa lip piercing London

Everyone want looks different from others then they want some unique styling. Medusa type of the labret is done a directly top center of the lip and just below the nose. Therefore, it is officially called a philtrum piercing. This kind of styling is the fastest-growing styling around the world.  Medusa lip piercing has typically used the studs as jewelry.  It is a visible form of lip piercing labrets.

Dahlia (both sides of lips)

This type of piercing is using mostly at the corner of the mouth the same as the place of the dimples. It can hurt the dimples and pair of the piercing corner of the mouth or both sides of the lips. It is most popular to put two labrets stud or maybe the ring piercing on the face. Dahlia piercing has a variation of labret and each corner has one piercing.

Angel bites (on both side of the upper lip)

Lip Piercing London

Angel bites are placed on both sides of the upper lip instead of just like the snakebites. This type of piercing is similar to Monroe’s lip piercing here the only difference is on both sides of the upper lip instead of one side. Piercing London is performing quality and unique in styling. It is a combination of the Madonna and Monroe piercing.

Snake bites (left and right side of lip)

This type of piercing is consisting of two piercings evenly on the lower lips. The evenly separated two puncture on the below of lower lip left and right side of the lip just like the snakebites. Here are the two types of snakebites left and the right side of the lip is ring piercing and labret stud piercing under both sides of the lips. Piercing London known as the very quality work of labrets.

Spider bites (bottom of the lip)

The spider bites or viper bites are getting very popular in peoples. These type piercing are pair of piercing it like the snakebites but they are closer together and on the bottom of lip. It is a more painful procedure because it is doing one at a time, it means when you get one piercing, then you should wait for the healing one and then piercing another one.

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