A Beginner’s Guide: What are the different styles of tattoo?

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A tattoo is an art

People like creativity related to art and new emerging things in the world. Art is something that attracts the majority of the population. People want to explore this art.  A tattoo is an art that having an artistic and classic design related to anything. This process is done by injecting a specific color ink into the human bodies with the help of a needle or tattoo machine. Making a tattoo is not an easy task. Tattoo artists from London Tattoo shops give teachings to newcomers tattoo artists of how and when people should get.

With the passage of time, there is a lot of change that comes in all things and in every field. Development in old ones and modifications in new ones come in front day by day. Like every other field, new techniques in designs of tattoos come in front by tattoo artists. Tattoo artists from the London Tattoo shops are doing a great job in the modifications of tattoo designs.

Initially, tattoos were so different that depends on few factors like those designs of tattoos depends on either color, shape, size, ink, designs, target area, taste, and the reason that why they want to be tattooed and so on.  But slowly and gradually tattoos have new designs in the art industry. There are many different styles of tattoo people can have.

Tattoos Styles:

Method of making a tattoo is a very complex process and consists of a few major styles of today that discussed further. London Tattoo shops bring new ideas and tattoo designs for beginners in this field and people love these lots.

Historic Perspective

People were tattooed in a different way in earlier times as compare to today’s designs either it is about structure or reasons for designs. Tattoos history comes from the 4th or 5th BC originated from a mummy since thousands of years ago. Then after that designs of this art made on the bodies of criminals who did some wrong actions. They used tattoos for their slaves. And these tattoos were consisting of bold and sharp lines. The colors of those tattoos were mostly black and white color ink. Today tattoo shops London also have designs that have few bold lines and black and white images.

Old style tattoos and new style tattoos

Old tattoos had old teachings and old methods of tattooing people. They had broad boundary lines. And they used fewer colors or comparable colors and clipart. They made the shapes of animals, female figures, hearts shape designs, flowers and many more.

The female Figure is always a significant part of the art industry. So either its new or old tattoo designs, tattooist always make designs to show women. In early designs of tattoos, color blending and a mixture of color are less as compare to today’s tattoos.

The gradient effect is common now a day. Tattooist made designs of Animals, roses, and other objects on the bodies in bright and vibrant colors. Black and grey tattoos always remained important because of their uniqueness and classical designs.

These designs always stand out. They are also used for giving a shady image in designs. Blackwork designs create dark and broad thick lines that have different shapes; simple or complex. Some designs made by single-needle to show simplicity in designs having bold lines and give a simple and elegant look.

Now people get tattooed by the permanent ink as compare to old temporary ink designs. Initially, tattoo machines were simply having one or two needles but today many new tattoo machines made through which masterpieces of designs can be made like tattoo design pinches in the skin that it hides in a unique way. It mostly covers the legs and arms portion of people.


Lettering is also an amazing tattoo art that people loved to use because it highlights or touched the sentiments of people to their loved ones or couples and dear friends. Many people get tattoos of whole movie images to their bodies to show their passion and devotion to that.

Tattoos are the symbol of self-expression. Most people get tattoos because they want to express or share something that they cannot do it by other means. They want to grab the attention of other people.

Today tattooists are quiet skilled that people get tattoos related to anything and whatever they want. They easily get that with high efficiency. People are so crazy that they get tattoos of parts of any machinery that people like. But it is quite difficult because it is for a lifetime.


Old tattoos usually have 2D tattoos but the thing is change now. 3D designs took the place of old designs to an advance level. Now cartoonist Images, statutes designs, building, and other three dimensional appearances look so fabulous. Now new techniques in shapes of tattoos designs are common; geometric shapes are good to see.


The world runs after abstract art. And the abstract tattoos are on its peak in the whole world. Many scary designs, geometric shapes, crystal shapes, abstract painting designs having complex and double meanings tattoo designs are famous and using it in more quantity than others. If people want a hidden message design, then they should go for the abstract tattoo design.

There is another unique style of tattoo that includes letters or words. The unique thing is people read these letters from any side or any corner of the tattoo. But slowly it lacks its importance.

People also want and get tattooed another style of tattoos that is fading in/out color tattoos. This involves the skull, complex lines and so on. Choices can be changed so if people want to amend the old tattoo designs then they have an option of blast over those tattoo designs.


A new tattoo does not mean that old tattoo’s life is ending, no! still, they are using by the tattooist. Artists used both old and new or you can say traditional tattoo designs and new designs. A mixture of both old and new tattoos gives unique, beautiful and remarkable designs to people. London Tattoo shops give services to both traditional and modern tattoo designs to their customers.

you can get any type of tattoo designs from our tattoo studio. We are here to serve you as per your requirement and help you to get a more beautiful, unique and stunning body ink art. We are 100% sure that, ink from us, makes you happier and love your tattoo. Contact us for more ideas and styles according to your choice and get your dream design to come true.

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