Vegan Friendly Tattooing

Here at Barry Louvaine Tattoo we are able to give you the confidence that you are getting a 100% vegan friendly tattoo and understand the importance of this to individuals.
Our artist Kirsty has been vegan for over 17 years now and has been tattooing for over 10 years she is a fountain of animal rights and tattoo knowledge. She has put together this for those of you with an interest….

So , what makes a tattoo ‘not vegan friendly’ ?

Tattoo ink is often the first thing people ask about. Tattoo ink is formed of pigment, which gives the ink its colour, suspended in a carrier solution.The pigment is usually derived from plants or metals. Black ink can sometimes but not always contain charcoal and soot derived from the charred bones of animals. The suspension in tattoo inks normally contains purified water, ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol,glycerine and may contain witch hazel. The glycerine can be derived from either plant or animal fats depending on the manufacturer. Some inks also use gelatin and shellac(both animal derivatives). Here we use ink manufactured by eternal, dermaglo, fusion and intense all of which have been certified as vegan.

Other elements of the tattoo process can use non vegan products. Many artists use vaseline or petroleum jelly which can be considered animal-free, although it is a by-product of the oil industry and the vaseline brand itself can contain bone char depending on country of manufacture and it does test on animals. Luckily there are several vegan alternatives available stocked here.

If the area needs to be shaved for the tattoo, some disposable razors can contain a glycerin moisture strip (commonly tested on animals).
There is the cleaning of the skin area being worked on commonly using a ‘green soap. Again glycerine can be a problem for vegans but again there are many vegan alternatives.
A lesser known animal product involved in the tattoo process is the lanolin in the transfer/stencil paper. Again vegan alternatives are available and clearly marked so no need to worry!

Now to aftercare.. many lotions and creams contain lanolin or beeswax and even cod liver oil. Again there are a variety of aftercare products available which we either stock or can order in if larger quantities are necessary.