Basic Tattoo Techniques For Beginner

Basic Tattoo Techniques For Beginner

There are three key tattooing techniques that are beneficial for beginner tattoo artist as well as a skilled tattoo artist. A tattooist who follows these set of techniques creates an intricate body artwork that is exclusive and appealing to everyone. Each technique requires a proper understanding of the tools and equipment that tattoo artists use. So let’s get started!

Technique # 1 – Making a Tattoo Stencil

Making some good stencils is one of the easiest ways to create a seamless tattoo design. By using these tattoo stencils artist can draw basic lines on the skin before using tattoo equipment to inject the ink. Most of the professional and talented tattoo designers utilize the stencil technique rather than creating a freehand design. There is a great benefit of using tattoo stencils to achieve perfect looking tattoo. Because when you stretch the skin during the tattoo application, working without a stencil would result in a partially finished tattoo.

One of the best tattooing techniques regarding the creation of stencil with a carbon paper is to keep in mind that the image of the design that is laid against the skin will be reversed. After the design is traced, it will appear correctly on the skin when the stencil is removed. Some tattoo shops use a light table to create a tattoo stencil. A stencil that is created with an artist’s light table will face in the right direction.

Technique # 2 – Applying the Tattoo Stencil

After creating a tattoo stencil, it can be easily applied to the skin of the client. Before applying a stencil, make sure that your customer’s skin is properly shaved and cleaned with antiseptic. In this way you will get a smooth application of the tattoo stencil. If the skin is not shaved, use any disposable razor and then dispose of in order to avoid transferring any bacteria or minute of blood to other customers. The best technique to apply a tattoo stencil is to utilize roll-on deodorant to transfer the design onto the skin. First, the deodorant is applied onto the skin, then the stencil is placed on the deodorant and pressure is applied over it. When you see that the tattoo stencil is peeled away, it means that the tattoo design is completely transferred onto the client’s skin. If you feel that the stencil is not placed correctly, remove it from the skin with alcohol and apply again.

Tip: Just like the razor, the roll-on deodorant should only for single-use. So it is best to buy small or travel-size roll-on and dispose of it after a single use.

Technique # 3 – Outlining the Tattoo

Once the tattoo design has been traced onto the skin, it’s time to show your body artwork skills by creating a tattoo outline. Outlining is one of the most basic tattooing techniques. Many tattoo designs start with an outline. Always start from the bottom of the design. This is the best approach as it helps to avoid searing the freshly applied ink.

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