Born in 1946 Barry, the adoptive son of a circus performer followed his fathers advice to select a profession chosen by few.

Before opening the studio Barry spent his early years working on Londons fairgrounds. Barry studied signwriting at evening classes and soon became a successful sign writer.  With the onset of the computer age Barry decided to channel his  artistic skills and trained under established tattoo artist Terry Dino and shortly after opened The House of Living Art in Earlsfield one of only 11 studios in London in the mid 1970’s. Barry inked a host of celebrities  including Mickey Rourke, Drew Barrymore, Jonathan Ross & singer Paul Young. Barry also lent his skills to the music industry and was responsible for the artwork on the 1982 classic Stranglers single ‘Skin Deep.’ Barry built up his reputation during the 1970’s and 80’s and was often called upon to work in the film & TV industry including the Hammer Horror classic ‘Mark of the Devil.’ The Leopard man was also created by Barry which secured his entry in the 1987 Guiness Book of Extraordinary Records as the worlds largest tattoo. Sadly Barry died of lung cancer in December of 2000, but the studio holds and important place in British Tattoo History, and remains a living monument to his work.